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Total War: Rome II is definitely an official E3 Game Experts Award Champion! Creative Assembly’s fantastic E3 presentation impressed the idol judges within the Best Strategy category!
The state E3 Game Experts Honours are selected with a panel of roughly 30 idol judges in the most influential gaming guides within the U . s . States. For any full listing of those who win, please visit here http://world wide web.gamecriticsawards.com/those who win.html.

Pre-order offer:

Total War: ROME II - Greek States Culture Pack

Concerning the DLC:

The Greek States Culture Pack adds a brand new playable Culture including three new playable Factions to Total War: ROME II to be used in Single or Multiplayer Campaign modes and Custom and Multiplayer Battles.

The Greek States Culture Pack adds diplomatic Athens, shrewd Epirus and formidable Sparta as playable factions. Each offers selection of special tactics to attain cultural and martial victories, and lethal elite models to crush enemies in fight.

The Greek States share numerous common goals, philosophies and general diplomatic aims. However, they're based on their fierce independence and together demonstrate a lot in method of civil and military challenges that frequently brings them into conflict using the wider world, and one another.

Additional Features:

    New Playable Factions - Athens, Epirus and Sparta each provide a unique new method to go through the campaign, using their own rosters of effective military models, distinct traits and play styles. The Athenian quest for enlightenment grants or loans them technological and cultural bonuses Sparta’s dominance within the Helots enables these to conserve a bigger slave population and Epirus likes bonuses to settlement exploitation stemming using their village-confederation roots.

    New Cultural Traits - All Greek States take advantage of an added bonus in fight when protecting their very own or perhaps an allied territory, an added bonus to wealth produced by their capitals as well as an increase towards the rate of cultural conversion inside their edges.

    New Cultural Objectives - Greek States their very own new group of military, economic and cultural victory conditions, in addition to discussing a distinctive group of bonus objectives attracted from Greek history. Furthermore, each faction will need to deal with its occasions and problems.

    New Military Traditions - Each one of the Greek States includes a unique top-tier military tradition: Athenian fleets might be honoured as Kids of the Aegaean, enhancing the ramming ability of the ships although permitting these to secure more earnings when raiding Spartan armies might be appreciated as Peers of Leonidas, enhancing their melee defense abilities and reducing their upkeep the armies of Epirus might be feared as Hounds of Molossus, granting them greater charge bonuses although permitting these to keep public order problems under control.

New Models:

Additionally towards the intimidating unit rosters of every faction now playable the very first time, the Greek States Culture Pack introduces a number of unique and particularly elite and deadly forces.

    Mercenary Veteran Hoplites - [open to all playable factions]

    From sparkling spear suggests earth-trembling tread, a phalanx is really a sight and seem to inspire dread. Using these veteran hoplites, that dread is offered towards the greatest bidder.

    Thureos Hoplites - [Unique to Athens]

    As the linen breastplates worn by these males may look flimsy, they're awesome, practical and remarkably tough. As with every hoplites, the males inside will also be practical and hard players.

    Thorax Hoplites - [Unique to Athens]

    These heavy hoplites are marked by their bronze breastplate armour, an indication of wealth and standing. They're equipped with warrior spears and hoplon shields, and employ the phalanx formation to batter opponents into submission.

    Agrianian Axemen - [Unique to Epirus and Macedon]

    The Paeonian tribe of Agrianes are fierce martial artists. In addition to terrible killing tools, their axes will also be climbing hooks for rough terrain. No sensible general wouldn't rely on them within an assault.

    Aspis Companion Cavalry - [Unique to Epirus and Macedon]

    A king’s buddies in fight are his nobles and esteemed buddies. It's an honor to become a companion, to ride forth with javelin and kopis to battle for the the almighty and master.

    Heroes of Sparta - [Unique to Sparta]

    Embodying the spirit of Thermopylae, the Heroes Of Sparta bear their warrior spears and shields with fierce pride and incomparable mastery.

    Polybolos Repeating Scorpion - [Siege Deployable open to all Greek, Roman and Carthaginian factions]

    Capable of making short work of the most heavily-armoured competitors, this repeating bolt thrower sacrifices the regular Scorpion’s range in exchange for any rapid rate of fireside.

    Tortoise Armoured Battering Ram - [Siege Deployable open to all Greek, Roman and Carthaginian factions]

    Mixing devastating ramming energy while giving protection to the crew, used well the Tortoise a lot more than comprises because of its insufficient speed and manoeuvrability in open ground.

New Structures:

    The Monument of Lacedaemon - [Unique to Sparta]

    Symbolic of Sparta’s overridingly martial culture, The Monument of Lacedaemon brings cost cutbacks to military recruitment, considerably boosts the morale of land models within the province along with a global morale boost to existing models.

    Oracle of Dodona - [Unique to Epirus]

    This sacred grove may be the domain from the priests and priestesses of Epirus. The Oracle of Dodona increases city growth, provincial happiness, wealth, and also the global conversion of other factions to Hellenic culture.

    Acropolis - [Unique to Athens]

    Symbolic of Athenian high culture and engineering excellence, The Acropolis offers extra garrison forces to Athens, enhances its capabilities to resist sieges, and increases Athenian agents’ Authority actions.

Faction History:


    Athens has lengthy been famous because of its cultural accomplishments, from structures like the Parthenon, towards the plays and works of Aristophanes, Plato, Socrates, and Sophocles. In lots of ways, Greek culture is determined by Athens. Its military focus has lengthy been its navy however, ongoing the traditions from the classical era, its people will also be likely to lead both infantry and cavalry to the armies.


    Epirus is really a Greek kingdom created of several small towns and cities, as opposed to the great metropolitan areas from the south. An agriculture and fishing-based society, Epirus nonetheless keeps a well-balanced military around the Alexandrian model, composed of cavalry, archers, peltasts, phalangites and war tigers. Additionally they make extensive utilization of mercenaries from through the Greek-speaking world.


    With every facet of their lives and society targeted towards warfare, Sparta centered the Greek world and is constantly on the produce perhaps the best soldiers from the Hellenic period. The slaves and non-people of Sparta enable their people to pursue warrior perfection as soldiers and champions. Trained and hardened in fight, their players and leaders would be the embodiment of military discipline and virtue.

What lengths will you opt for Rome?

The award-winning Total War series returns to Rome, setting a completely new quality benchmark for Strategy gaming. End up being the world’s first superpower and command the traditional world’s most breathtaking war machine. Dominate your opponents by military, economic and political means. Your ascension brings both admiration and jealousy, even out of your closet allies.

Are you going to suffer unfaithfulness or are you the first one to switch on old buddies? Are you going to battle to save the Republic, or plot to rule alone as Emperor?

    Plan your conquest from the known world inside a massive sandbox turn-based campaign mode (supporting additional 2-player cooperative & competitive modes). Conspiracies, politics, intrigue, revolts, loyalty, honor, ambition, unfaithfulness. Your choices will write your personal story.

    Build huge armies and decide to try the battleground in tangible-time combat mode. Place your tactical abilities towards the test while you directly control hundreds of 1000's of males contrasting in epic land and ocean battles.

    Play for that glory of Rome among three families or take command of a lot of rival civilisations - each provides a particularly different type of game play knowledge about 100s of unique models from siege engines and high cavalry to steel-plated legionaries and barbarian berserkers.

    See exotic ancient metropolitan areas and colossal armies made in incredible detail, as jaw-shedding battles unfold. Detailed camera perspectives permit you to call at your males shout in victory or scream in discomfort around the frontline, while a brand new tactical cam enables a god’seye look at the carnage to higher tell your proper choices.

    Very scalable experience, with game play and graphics performance optimized to complement high and low-finish hardware alike.
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